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Dry January 2021: 5 Ways to Shake It Up

Are you thinking or going sober for Dry January 2021? Or maybe even just cutting back a bit on the alcohol? It may not be a bad idea…Christmas is, after all, usually a pretty boozy time for many, and while we’re firm believers in balance, we also think giving your mind and body a month-long break can be a really positive exercise. 

It can be a hard cycle to crack at first, but once you do, you’ll reap the benefits. Imagine waking up for 31 days straight without a hangover (OK, maybe 30 if you’re giving 2021 a proper send off). No foggy head, no hangxiety, and no random receipts for things you don’t remember buying. Instead you’ll wake up feeling fresh, positive, and well-rested. 

Not drinking doesn’t mean staying in, saying no to nights out with friends, or after work catch-ups. In fact, we believe in quite the opposite. Taking away the alcohol shouldn’t take the joy out of the things we love, which is why we’ve launched our Shake It Up campaign, to help you make it through Dry January with a smile on your face – giving up alcohol doesn’t mean not being able to drink delicious drinks.

If you’re worried you may fall off the wagon, here’s our five top tips to help you have a booze-free yet joy-filled Dry January.

1. Find a substitute

If drinking is a habit, you’ve got to find something to replace that habit with – something just as satisfying and delicious as your favourite tipple. It’s become much easier to recreate our cocktail favourites using non-alcoholic spirits, thanks to a huge boost in the low and no alcohol industry. If you need some inspo, take a look at our cocktail page. It’s full of tasty tipples that will have you reaching for a second glass.

2. Do DRY JANUARY with a friend

January can be gloomy enough – thanks to the long, dark days, cold weather and addition of Blue Monday – without the added pressure of having to refrain from drinking. But doing it with someone can make it a whole lot better. You can not only support each other in times of weakness but also share thoughts and feelings about how the process is affecting you. For some it may be a doddle, but for others it could uncover deeper feelings we weren’t expecting.

3. Get a hobby

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but not had the time to do it? You’ll be surprised how much time you get back by just giving up alcohol. It could be taking up a new sport, like rock climbing or swimming. Or maybe you’ve always want to try a latin dance class (you’ll find us doing the Samba at Dan’s, home to London’s happiest workout sessions!). Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get into journaling. Now’s the time to start.

Caleno Dry January 2021 Tracker

4. Set yourself a challenge

Giving up drinking is (for many) a challenge all of its own – so be sure to download our Dry January tracker to share and celebrate your progress. But giving yourself another challenge to complete while you’re doing it can help keep you on track. Make sure it’s something fun; something you really enjoy. If you’re a runner, it could be to complete a certain number of miles in 31 days. If you love to read, it could be reading a book. If you love to cook, it could be learning to make something new each week. It should never feel like a chore but more something to spur you on and keep you going.

5. Eliminate temptation during dry january

Unless you’ve drunk yourself dry over Christmas and New Year, the easiest way to help curve the temptation is to get rid of any alcohol in the house. Over the last year and a half we’ve become accustomed to drinking in our homes (can you blame us?), but coming face-to-face with a bottle of wine or a beer every time you open the fridge will be a constant reminder of what you can’t have. Give it away, lock it in a box and give someone else the key, or gift it to friends (if you’re feeling generous), and remove the temptation. You never know, you might not want it back…

For more brilliant tips and cocktails, make sure you’re following our instagram, @calenodrinks, where we’ll be sharing brilliant ways to Shake Up Your Dry January, throughout the whole month.