Bundle of Joy (50cl)

Say hello to the newest addition to the Caleño familia – designed to bring more JOY to lockdown 2.0.

What’s included:
1 x 50cl Dark & Spicy
1 x 50cl Light & Zesty
1 x Gold Stirrer
1 x Bar Blade
4 x 200ml Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water
4 x 200ml Fever Tree Mexican Lime Soda

(Maximum 2 per person)

£35.00 *50% saving

Dark & Spicy Gift Box (50cl)

The perfect tropical gift for the star gazers. Caleño ‘Dark & Spicy’ is a golden and spicy distillation, packed with tropical notes of pineapple and coconut & a light ginger spice.

*50cl Dark & Spicy included


Tropical Twinpack (20cl)

Caleño takes you seamlessly from day to night with this Ultimate Tropical Twinpack. Enjoy the deliciously refreshing Light & Zesty, and warming infusion of Dark & Spicy. Time to set your spirit free?

*20cl bottles included


Light & Zesty Gift Box (50cl)

The perfect tropical gift for the sun seekers. Caleño ‘Light & Zesty’ is a distilled zesty infusion of tropical, citrus and spice botanicals.

*50cl Light & Zesty included


Bar Blade

Our colourful Caleño bar blade is the perfect partner for your at-home bar.


Gold Stirrer

Bringing golden hour to your tropical cocktails.