Tropical Twinpack (20cl)

Caleño takes you seamlessly from day to night with this Ultimate Tropical Twinpack. Enjoy the deliciously refreshing Light & Zesty, and warming infusion of Dark & Spicy. Time to set your spirit free?

*20cl bottles included



Join the club with a joyful jumper. Warm & trendy, what could be better?
Available in a variety of sizes.


Slip on a Caleño t-shirt and feel the joy! Perfect for home workouts, cocktail making and more.
Available in a variety of sizes.

Tote bag

Caleño tote bags for joy finding, shopping and exploring.

Flip reverse it with a double dose of joy – Light & Zesty colours on one side and Dark & Spicy on the other.


Gold Stirrer

Bringing golden hour to your tropical cocktails.


Bar Blade

Our colourful Caleño bar blade is the perfect partner for your at-home bar.


Light & Zesty Gift Box (50cl)

The perfect tropical gift for the sun seekers. Caleño ‘Light & Zesty’ is a distilled zesty infusion of tropical, citrus and spice botanicals.

*50cl Light & Zesty included


Dark & Spicy Gift Box (50cl)

The perfect tropical gift for the star gazers. Caleño ‘Dark & Spicy’ is a golden and spicy distillation, packed with tropical notes of pineapple and coconut & a light ginger spice.

*50cl Dark & Spicy included