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10 Instagram accounts to inspire JOY

We all need to grasp onto as much joy as we can right now, so if scrolling through Instagram is making you feel envious, lonely or anxious, it could be time for a spring clean. During lockdown Instagram has helped bring inspiration with workouts, cook-a-longs and mood-boosting quotes. It’s helped bring people together with virtual events and competitions. 

We think social media should make you feel good inside and bring a little joy to your quiet scrolling moments. So from adventurers to home cooks, cute puppies to artists, here’s 10 Caleno-approved Instagram accounts that are bringing us JOY right now.

1. Erin Outdoors

Erin Sullivan is an adventure photographer, passionate about learning and sharing stories from all over the world. Her content has always been amazing but during the first lockdown Erin set herself a challenge to create adventure content just from her home – it ended up going viral. Think tiny people walking through caves made of oranges, hiking in a celery jungle… no, we’re not joking. Take a look for yourself, the result is incredible.

2. Stephelswood

The queen of Stay Stassy, Steph Eslwood (also known as Healthy Chef Steph), brings happiness, self-love and inspiration, in the form of fun dance workouts, vegan recipes and hilarious TikTok videos. She is unapologetically herself in every single way and we’re here for it.

Tiny people walking through caves made of oranges
Steph Elswood with a caleno cocktail

3. Woofandwalls

Colourful, loud street art meets cute and friendly dogs. This is Woof & Walls. The type of feed that gives you a silent smile as you scroll through, with the occasional ‘awh,’ and ‘ohh,’ Woof & Walls is our go-to when we need a little distraction from life. The cute dogs take our mind off of things for a moment, melting us into an animal-loving mess. But, apparently we’re not the only ones, looking at pictures of cute animals is actually proven to release stress and improve concentration.

4. Thegreedymodel

A brand new food account from model Emma Louise Connolly (wife of MIC star Oliver Proudlock), The Greedy Model is a working progress but it’s already caught our attention. From home comforts like parmesan polenta fries and sweet and sticky sesame potatoes to classics like oozey garlic chicken Kievs, this account will have your mouth watering. Oh, and the polenta fries are a 10/10.

5. Thejoyjournal

As the name suggests, this account is Laura Brand’s very own Joy Journal. Laura shares ideas on how to get creative. From making bird cages to crayons, candles and gifts, if you’re ever lost for something to do, one look at Laura’s page will help inject a little joy to your day. If you love her feed, you’ll also love her book, ‘The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play’, an absolute treasure trove of conscious craft and mindful play.

6. Josieldn

Our folder of saved Instagram posts is quickly filling up with the outfits we can’t wait to wear post lockdown. Okay, maybe not Ollie, our commercial director, he’s more into Henryjwade. While the end of this unsettling time may still seem far away, we’re staying positive and people like Josie help remind us that changing out of our lounge pants and into actual clothes really does have a joyful effect on our attitude.

Fashionable dog wearing pink sunglasses and a pink jacket
Blue, green, red and yellow paint pots

7. Deborah_keser

After five minutes of scrolling through Deborah’s feed we guarantee you’re going to want to try longboarding. She glides through the streets with ease, flowing and dancing with her longboard. The way she moves almost sends you into a trance. She’s bright, colourful, inspiring and the coolest chica we know. 

8. Lawrenceprice_

Dad, personal trainer and podcast host, Lawrence manages to add a funny twist to everything he does. Even when he’s doing an #ad for a brand, he seems to make it humorous. On a serious note though, his workouts are great, his advice is top and his stories will make you laugh out loud.

9. Aishacarrington_
Joy is a feeling and it comes in many forms. When we want to take a minute to slow down, relax and destress, we turn to Aisha. Aisha brings us joy with her meditation sequences and sound gong baths, allowing us to heal parts of ourselves we didn’t even know needed healing. This joy is self-love, and self-love is incredibly important at the moment.

10. Whatwillycook

Whether we’re cooking his recipes or not, we’re certainly watching them. What Willy Cook has encapsulated Instagram with his hilarious recipe videos. At the beginning of 2020 he had just 800 followers and he now has over 157k. He makes cooking simple and stress-free. It’s not gourmet food, it’s budget-friendly and truly tasty. We challenge you not to laugh.

Lady on a skateboard in the sun