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When there isn’t anyone dancing, you have to make your own music.

Ellie Webb Founder Dancing

Here at Caleño, we like to make a lot of noise (preferably latina music), nearly as much as we love to make our non-alcoholic spirits. No Caleño is never served without a smile, a dance or a pineapple, and if you meet one of our team you’ll be guaranteed to be greeted by all three.

Born from our founder’s frustration with tap water on her alcohol-free nights out, Ellie Webb began her mission to create the most tropical and fun-filled drinks to enjoy when, well, you’re not drinking. After traveling 5000 miles across Colombia to soak up the vibrant flavours and joyful vibes of her family’s homeland, she returned home to bottle it all up with the flavours of the tropics. She danced and distilled in her kitchen until Caleño tropical non-alcoholic spirits were born, and we haven’t stopped spreading the joy since.

Two unique flavours and a global pandemic later, we’re continuing to bring the joy however and whenever you choose not to drink. Say no to FOMO and hola to a tropical non-alcoholic fiesta with Caleño!

Ellie's Travels

Snapshots of Ellie's vibrant travels and unique Colombian experiences