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10 workouts to boost your overall well-being

Working out is about much more than just staying fit or losing a few pounds. Many people hit the gym or pound the pavements in search of their dream body but actually, what keeps us going back is the effect it has on the way we feel. It’s nothing new that working out can aid mental health; there are multiple studies into how it can reduce stress and anxiety, boost serotonin (the happy hormone) and improve self-confidence, not to mention sharpen our memory and boost our brain power. Working out really is just great all round.

Also, let’s use the term ‘working out’ loosely. Not everyone’s as keen on pumping weights or destroying themselves in a spinning class. Instead, let’s think of it as just moving our bodies, getting some fresh air maybe, attending a yoga class or even a dance class – all forms of exercise and all just as good.

Need some inspiration? Look no further. We’ve rounded up our fitness favourites to bring a fresh view to working out. Whether you’re a regular gym go-er, marathon runner or complete zen yogi, it’s always healthy to mix up your daily movement and give yourself a new focus or challenge. From 20-minute HIIT workouts to Pilates, dancing and even cold water swimming, make your body feel good inside and out by incorporating a couple of these workouts into your weekly routine.

1. HIIT – @thebodycoach

Joe wicks was one of the first to jump on the home workout trend during the first lockdown, creating workouts for everyone from young children to adults. A lot of his routines can be found online and many use little or no equipment, relying on just your bodyweight. They vary in length but honestly, 20 minutes of HIIT from this guy and you’ll be feeling instantly better (maybe a little exhausted initially too!).

2. Yoga – @catmeffan

Want to find out the yogi secret to that daily zen feeling? Cat Meffan’s your girl. Her feed is full of tips, tricks and tutorials, and there’s also some videos on YouTube too. If you want more (like we expect you will), she hosts online yoga classes and even hosts yoga retreats through @mysoulsanctury..

3. Running/Nutrition – @runnerbeans

If you are into running, you probably already know The Runner Beans, aka, Charlie Watson. Her feed is full of positive energy. She gives a very honest view of running; she talks about the bad days and the good days but running will always be her release.

Lady in workout wear with a blue sky

She’s also a nutritionist, so great to follow for advice in the food department too..

Lady sitting on the mountains hiking

4. Pilates/Movement – @lottiemurphy

Lottie is exactly what we’re preaching about in this blog, describing her practice as ‘feel good movement for mind and body’. She’s a Pilaties and movement teacher, who offers live classes and general tips to help you find balance in the body.

5. Cross Fit/Weight lifting – @carlyrowena

If you like your fitness with a side of cute baby then give Carly a follow. Her first love is cross fit but since covid-19, she’s been bringing a load of at-home workouts to her feed. She also does some pretty funny live IGTVs with her partner – don’t blame us if you get caught scrolling on Carly’s profile for a while…

6. Walking/Hiking – @zannavandijk

Positivity oozes from this gem of a lady. She offers a real mix of content from daily workouts to hiking routes and meal ideas. She’s vegan and lives with her boyfriend in their dreamy house in Surrey.

She owns her own sustainable swimwear brand and is just an all-round great person to follow.

7. Cycling/spinning – @tallyrye
Author of Train Happy, that’s exactly how you’ll feel taking part in one of Tally Rye’s fitness classes. She’s a trainer at Digme Fitness, regularly taking spinning classes but also uses her feed to share her workouts. From dancing around the living room to daily affirmations and journaling, Tally’s the full package when it comes to feeling good from the inside out.

8. Dancing – @danslondon

Ready to shake your hips? DansLondon is a Latin-inspired dance fitness studio in London, but they also do a few virtual classes too. At DansLondon, their main focus is dancing and moving the body to feel good – fitness is the by-product. 

9. Cold water swimming and outdoor adventures – @adventurebambam

Jenny Hopkins can’t resist being surrounded by water. Whether she’s braving the cold and going for a dip or taking her paddle board out for a spin, she always finds a way to turn it into an adventure.

Lady surrounded by water

While jumping into cold water may not sound like fun, it really is an incredible release for the mind and body – try it.

10. Skateboarding/Roller skating – @aliceinrollerland

Over the last year, roller skating came back in a big way. The old vintage blades have had a resurgence and Alice puts them to good work, rolling through the streets, popping shapes and doing it all with ease. Spend 10 minutes on her profile and tell us you aren’t contemplating purchasing a pair for yourself…