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5 ways to up your picnic game

The sun is (finally) shining in the UK, parks and gardens are open, we’re allowed to meet in groups of six, and Caleño Light & Zesty with tonic is now available in ready-to-drink cans – sounds like the perfect combination for a picnic. 

We love a good picnic. They’re not only an excuse to meet with friends and show off your new ‘lockdown cooking skills’, they’re also a reason to get out in the fresh air and explore – which we all know is good for us. Not to mention it’s cheaper than a pub visit, less stressful than a pub visit (no ordering on apps), and usually the view is much nicer…

So, if you’re looking to turn your average picnic into one you won’t forget, here’s what you need to do.

1. Choose your picnic spot wisely

Picnicing in parks full of people can really take away from the relaxing vibe of a picnic. We recommend heading to a more remote location, somewhere with a view. This may mean you have to do a little hike to get there, but that’s all part of the fun. From hill tops to country parks and even flower fields, there are some beautiful spots in the UK to have a picnic. And with our delicious cans, it doesn’t matter who’s driving.

2. Give your picnic a theme

Italian, Colombian (our recommendation), French, Mexican or even British (we’re thinking afternoon tea), themes are a great way to add a little excitement to your picnic. Whether you take it as far as outfits and decorations or just keep it to the food, it’s a great chance to get creative – especially if you have kids.

3. Make sure your set-up is comfortable

Let’s be honest, sitting on the ground isn’t all that comfortable – grass rash is a real thing.


Depending on where you’re heading will affect how much you can take with you but there are lots of things you can use to make your experience more enjoyable, like these packaway chairs and large picnic blankets – you could even go ‘extra’ with kids bean bags, inflatable chairs, and pillows.

Picnic in the park

4. Get creative with your food and drink

A picnic is all about the food (and drink), but there’s only so many carrot sticks and cocktail sausages we can eat. The secret is food that travels well, here are some ideas: frittata egg muffins, focaccia sandwich (our favourite), mini quiches, summer rolls, filo pastry pies and let’s not forget the sweet treats: lemon and blueberry bars, scones, banana bread and chocolate chip cookies

Now, picnics can be a long affair and if you don’t want to drink alcohol we’ve got lots of simple and delicious cocktail recipes. If you’re super organised, you could make up a flask of one of these or just grab a few of our cans and you’re good to go. We also recommend lots of H2O. 

5. Keep it cool

Sweaty sandwiches and warm drinks just don’t cut it, so make sure you invest in a good cool bag and pack it properly (25% ice packs, 75% food). But it’s not just about keeping the food and drink cool, you need to keep cool too. Picnics usually take place on warm, sunny days and if you don’t have a tree for some shade, why not bring an umbrella, a sun shelter or even a tent. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

We’re really excited to bring you our brand new ready-to-drinks cans of Caleño Light & Zesty with tonic. Deliciously refreshing, you can now buy them in packs of 12 from our website and Amazon.

Show us your favourite picnic spot. Share a photo on your Instagram feed or story with you and one of our RTD cans @calenodrinks #calenopicnic.