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How many hours have you gained back?

How many times a month are you hungover? Spending your day horizontal on the sofa, unable to focus on much more than the latest binge-worthy Netflix series. Apparently, the average Brit has a hangover three times a month, with each hangover lasting seven hours. Over a year, this amounts to 252 hours – that’s 10 days whole days.

What is the purpose of trying soBrietY?

If you have been sober for just one month, you’ve already taken back an extra 21 hours of time to en-JOY life (almost an entire day!), simply by just not drinking alcohol. Yes, you should be feeling pretty smug. You have challenged your body – and your mind – to rediscover a life without alcohol, something too many of us unknowingly lean on as a crutch. You’ve looked after your body, tried new activities, and have been three times more productive than if you’d been drinking. This is the purpose of a sobriety challenge – and guess what, it doesn’t have to be boring!

Is NOT DRINKING good for your liver?

After a month of not drinking, our minds are feeling pretty clear, fog-free, alert, and active. But what about our liver? We all know that drinking puts a pretty high stress on the liver, but just how much? 

Heavy drinking (enough to make you 7 hours less productive the following day), can increase the risk of jaundice, cirrhosis, liver failure, and even cancer. This is because the liver processes over 90% of the alcohol we consume, the final 10% exits the body through urine, sweat, and breathing. The liver can only process a certain amount of alcohol at a time, so when we have too much to drink it can cause destruction to liver cells, resulting in long-lasting damage. So yes, by giving up alcohol for an entire month, you’re giving your liver a chance to recover and repair.

5 benefits we’ve noticed from going Dry:

  1. Higher productivity levels – Our mental focus and clarity has improved.
  2. Less mood swings – We’re no longer battling with ‘hangxiety’.
  3. Saved money – Nights out can get pricey…
  4. Improved sleep – Our NREM sleep is much better and we wake up feeling refreshed.
  5. Skin has improved – Alcohol dehydrates the skin and reduces elasticity, so we’re looking (and feeling) at least 5 years younger…

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