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Caleño’s favourite healthy restaurants in London

Going out to eat used to be a treat, a one off indulgence that we’d save all our pennies for. But now, going out to eat is a regular occurrence. It’s social, it’s easy. It can be a quick fix when we are too tired to cook. And as our appetite for eating out has grown, so have the variety of restaurants to choose from. 

Our Caleño team loves to eat out, exploring new places and cuisines – probably a bit too much! So sometimes, we have to be a bit more mindful about the places we choose to go, just like we do with drinking. 

Luckily, our team’s spread out across the UK, which means we have some great insider knowledge of many delicious places to eat. And, you’re in luck, because we’re going to share them with you.

There’s far too many to put into one blog, so we’re going to start with London first, then move onto Manchester, and Scotland. From the vegan burgers so good you wouldn’t even know weren’t meat to natural sweet treats, these are the places to look out for on your next ‘healthy eat-seeking adventure’.


A hotspot for west London’s most keen veggies and vegans, Farmacy’s entire menu reads like your nutritionist’s wishlist. Farmacy has come a long way since it first launched in Notting Hill, in 2016.

Its abundant menu is alive with truly delicious and healthy seasonal food, all served in a beautiful setting. Everything on the menu is plant-based and free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

Not to mention all of their ingredients are either grown on the farm, or sourced from local, sustainable and environmentally conscious suppliers. The restaurant is a true supporter of local farming, and champions biodynamic sustainability. Tempted?

Brunch dishes have names like Earth Bowls and Probiotic Jars – even the names sound healthy. Favourites from the main menu are the Loaded Mushroom Tacos, Got No Beef Burger, and the Artichoke Pizzetta. You’ll have to visit at least once a month so you don’t miss the ever-changing, delicious seasonal menu.

Farmacy resturant indoors
Cocotte bowl of food

Cocotte, London

From brunch to dinner, Cocotte has it sussed. It caters to everyone: vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, though if you have a thing for roast chicken this is the place to come – it’s like nandos on steroids. 

Aside from the juicy spit-roast chicken, which comes all the way from France, you can get a whole range of beyond average salads. Each one has about 10 ingredients, heroing all the superfood vegetables like kale, aubergine, stem broccoli, pumpkin etc.

THEN there’s the homemade sauces: Cocotte gravy, green sauce, garlic mayo, truffle mayo…

If you’re thirsty, take your choice from coffees, soft drinks or cocktails.

Deliciously Ella

A woman who needs no introduction, Deliciously Ella came onto the healthy food scene way before it was a trend. Infact, she helped make it a trend. She made vegan food cool (not to mention ‘delicious’). 

She started with a recipe blog, then wrote a cookbook, before opening a small cafe in west London. This catapulted her career and before she knew it she was the author of 5 cookbooks and her products were on supermarket shelves. 

Fast forward to 2021 and Delicious Ella has JUST opened her first restaurant. It’s called Plants by De, and it opened on June 16th. Ella describes it as: “a place that’s passionate about natural, plant-based food that highlights the delicious diversity and abundance of plants.” 
Get a sneak peak of the menu here.

Deliciously Ella outside plants restuarant
Wild by Tart picnic

Wild by Tart

Wild by Tart is a neighbourhood restaurant inside a former power station in Belgravia. 

Not only do they have a deli and all-day restaurant, there’s also an event space, photography studio, and retail store.

Wild by Tart is a farm-to-table style restaurant, with a menu focused around seasonal and local dishes designed to be shared. Expect vibrant colours and big flavours: we particularly love the roasted courgettes with ricotta and pistachio pesto; the spiced lamb flatbreads with feta, yoghurt and pickled onion. Indulgence comes in the form of the chocolate cookie skillet & salted milk ice cream, which we always try to resist but always fail – we’re only human.

Daisy Green 

This has been a favourite of ours for quite a few years. What started as just one quaint restaurant in Marylebone has now expanded to 10 locations across London, including a canal boat. Yes, really. 

This quirky group of restaurants offer an out-of-this-world Aussie-inspired brunch. They have taken the standard bacon roll and turned it into a dish you’ll never forget, filling a paratha roti with crispy onions, back bacon, holy f*ck hollandaise and topping it with a poached egg. Or why not try the award winning banana bread sandwich; two pieces of thick banana bread, honey mascarpone cream, fresh berries and flaked almonds.

At brunch, it’s 100% Ok to get more than one dish per person, and we highly recommend a side of halloumi fries…

Each restaurant menu differs slightly. Some do pizzas, others Sunday roasts and some just drinks. Which one will you choose?

Daisy Green Pizza