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Let’s Joy-up January

Turn up the music, call up a friend, mix up a drink. Let’s joy-up January.

Let’s Colourise our Lives.

The word ‘January’ alone is enough to conjure images of looming grey clouds and rain-washed streets.  And I’m sure we’d all agree that the gloomy winter weather doesn’t exactly put a spring in our step. However there are things in our control that can bring a bit of joy and colour to our days. Our solution? Colour. At Caleño, vibrancy is our holy grail, the brighter – the better.

One of the easiest ways to bring colour into your day is through your wardrobe. It’s easy to fall into a habit of buying neutral shades and items with the mindset ‘that’ll go with anything’, but really experimenting with colour can inject fun not only into your outfit, but into your morning routine. We love looking to influencers like Megan Ellaby, Trinny Woodall and Oenone for bright get-up inspo.

Ellie smiling and wearing a vibrant colour top

Your calendar is a blank canvas. Fill it with joy.

Likewise when the skies are grey, we often feel like there’s nothing to do other than spending the day immersed in the latest Netflix and Amazon Prime offerings.

Look – we’re not condoning these wind-down-days, but shaking up your winter weekends by trying new activities can be more refreshing than you might think. Why not try getting creative? Websites like Jackson’s Art and Hobby Craft are online treasure-trove of all kinds of paints, colours and fabrics. We love browsing the feeds of Rachel Mae Smith at @thecraftedlife, and Kelly Mindell of @studiodiy for ultimate crafty inspo.

Caleno light & zesty bottle with a selection of Colombian food

Feel-good should taste-good.

We know starting a new year normally comes with the pressure to set resolutions, be healthier and everything just makes us feel guilty for enjoying a well-deserved Christmas. This isn’t really our vibe. In reality, January is pretty bleak, so let’s not make things worse. Instead, why not fall back in love with good food, try new flavours, experiment with recipes and different cuisines, personally we love Colombian food.

On the exercise front – don’t overdo it, and don’t channel your energies into sports and activities just because you think you ‘should’. Try and find something that makes you smile, feel energised and helps you to relieve stress. We love cold water swimming (mad, yes!) and taking long walks exploring nature spots. Alternatively, you might fancy taking up yoga, a dance class or going for a quick jog. Either way, we believe that exercise should never be a chore or something that you dread. Anything that gets you moving, you’re onto a winner! 

Our new bundles save time, money and bring a little extra joy!

Finally, we know January can be a little tough on the purse strings, but we’ve got loads of great offers to brighten your month without costing the world. Check our new joyful bundles; from the perfect night in, to cocktail making or a helping hand at the gym. There really is something for everyone!

Caleno bundle
Caleno bundle
Caleno bundle