Tell me more about Caleño

Caleño is a tropical, non-alcoholic, free spirit inspired by the flavours and vibrancy of Colombia. It's designed to bring fun to 'not drinking'.


What does the Caleño Juniper & Inca berry blend taste like?

Our original Juniper and Inca berry blend is an infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals, steam-distilled in stainless steel drums. Our signature ingredient is the tropical South American Inca berry; golden and sweet, yet tangy, with pineapple, mango and citrus fruit flavours.


What are Caleño’s ingredients?

Our key ingredients are water, glycerine, botanical distillates and extracts including the South American Inca berry, juniper, coriander, cardamom, citric acid and the preservative potassium sorbate. Our full list of botanicals includes Inca berry, juniper, coriander seed, green cardamom, Sicilian lemon peel, cassia bark, lemongrass, liquorice root and clove bud.


What is Caleño’s nutritional information?

Caleño is sugar free, sweetener free, allergen free, gluten-free, vegan and has no artificial flavourings.

Per 100ml, Caleño’s Juniper & Inca berry blend contains;

  • Energy 166kJ / 39kcal
  • Fat 0g of which saturates 0g
  • Carbohydrate 9g - of which sugars 0g
  • Protein 0g
  • Sat 0g


How soon should I drink Caleño?

Caleño has a one year best before guidance if unopened.

Once opened, we recommend consuming it within 3 months. Within this time frame you don't necessarily need to refrigerate Caleño, as we recommend keeping it at room temperate.


How do you make Caleño and how does that differ to gin?

Gin starts off as pure ethanol (a highly rectified spirit). Botanicals, such as juniper are then added through a re-distillation process, producing a really potent, botanical alcoholic liquid, known as gin, which is usually collected at a strength of 80% ABV - this is then diluted down with water to the right ABV. 

Caleño’s ‘Inca berry & Juniper’ follows a similar process to gin, however we aren’t looking to create an alcohol, but capture the delicate botanical flavours that you’d normally find in a spirit. A selection of 10 carefully chosen botanicals are gently distilled, in a beautiful still, using well recognised botanicals such as; juniper, cardamom, coriander, Sicilian Lemon, and of course the Inca berry – our star ingredient. We use a process of ‘steam distillation’ to ensure we capture the essence of each botanical.


Why is your bottle priced at £24.99?

To create Caleño we source ten botanicals from all over the world, and spent over a year crafting and perfecting our uniquely blended recipe. It has taken a long time to develop a distinctive drink that carries unique flavours, and that isn’t alcoholic. There is also long production time associated with producing this type of drink.


About our new 50cl bottle


Why is the bottle smaller than the 70cl?

One of Caleño’s core values is accessibility. We’re constantly striving to make our range available in the places you’re looking to purchase, at a price that’s fair and affordable. By reducing our bottle size from 70cl to 50cl we’re able to lower the price of Caleño to £18 without compromising on the quality of our signature botanical blend.


Why is the price cheaper than other non-alcoholic spirits?

At Caleño, we feel that non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages should be accessible for all, but still add that premium feel to any occasion. By competitively pricing our products, we’re able to make them as available as possible.


Does the 50cl cost less to produce as the 70cl?

No. Our beloved botanical fusion still undergoes the same process of steam distillation and is matured over a two-week period to give you the best flavours of tropical citrus and spices. The only change in our 50cl bottle is a smaller volume – and by reducing the amount of liquid, we're able to pass these savings on to you by lowering the price of a bottle.


Will I get less drinks from your 50cl bottle?

Yes. By reducing the size of the bottle, we’ve slightly decreased the amount of drinks you can get from it. Our 50cl offers 10 delicious double serves for you to enjoy.


Should I use a smaller measure if I get less drinks from the bottle?

We’d always recommend serving Caleño as a 50ml measure to give you the full tropical flavour of the botanicals.