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It’s officially So-So Sober October, a month where we empower you to be your semi-sober self.

We know we can’t give 100% all the time. This October is all about celebrating the average across the board. It’s okay to fail your driving test, it’s okay to win bronze and it’s okay to belt your favourite Beyoncé song, even if your singing is just so-so.

The same goes for drinking, whether you stick to non-alc Monday to Friday or go completely sober this October, Caleño is here with deliciously tropical non-alcoholic cocktails to provide good vibes all month long.

A Love affair with
duppy share

We believe you don’t have to go cold-turkey to reap the benefits of drinking less.

The Duppy Share inspires friends to unite and escape the ordinary by embracing the Spirit of the Caribbean. As whiskey ages, a part of it is said to evaporate to the Angels – this is known as the Angel Share. In the Caribbean they believe that Jamaican spirits, known as Duppies, swoop between the distilleries stealing the best of the rum as it ages in oak barrels. These fun loving spirits live to unite friends, and help to create memories that will last forever.

We are so excited to have had the opportunity to team up with our favourite Caribbean rum company. We united the spirit of the Caribbean with the spirit of Colombia, and created some delicious low ABV cocktail recipes that you’ll love this So-So Sober October. 

NeW to no & loW?

CaleÑo’s roots in

Caleño was born after our founder, Ellie, had a miserable Dry January night out. Offers of sugary soft drinks or tap water left her inspired to create deliciously tropical non-alcoholic spirits.

Five years later and we’re still on a mission to bring flavour and fun to those moments when you’re not drinking or when you’re drinking less.

Learn more about our origin story here:

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