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This month, we’re super excited to be joined by our amigo Steph Elswood, best known for her Healthy Chef Steph instagram page, Stay Sassy dance events, and fabulous home workouts. Steph has mastered the art of projecting positivity through our screens – an invaluable quality in these very strange times. As someone who is non-alcoholic too, there’s few people better to share their five joyful top tips with us this month

1. Start the day by saying out loud ‘Today is going to be a good day’.
This is something I learnt from BJ Fogg’s book – Tiny Habits.

2. Have a boogie to wake yourself up. Put on your favourite song and dance around like no one is watching. You might feel silly at first but it’ll get your adrenaline pumping. You don’t need to do 100 burpees to get those endorphins flowing! Remind yourself to move each day because you love your body, not because you hate it!

Steph Elswood with a caleno cocktail

3. Don’t check the news first thing in the morning. Before you check any technology or external information, check in with yourself! Whether that’s by asking yourself how you’re feeling that day or journaling about things you’re grateful for, or things you’re excited about for the future.

4. Experiment with Caleno Cocktails! On a Friday night put on your favourite Netflix series, blast your favourite Spotify playlist or cook your favourite meal with a Cocktail to match! Remind yourself of that going out and socialising feeling. Get friends on zoom or FaceTime and forget about work or the noise around you for just 1 evening! You deserve that!

5. Get outside if you can! Being around nature and fresh air has lots of physical benefits but also mental ones too.  Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress, reduce feelings of fear or again and can also boost your mood. I know it’s cold and miserable at the moment, but wrap up warm, put on a wooly hate and go on a short walk. It will not only make you feel better emotionally but will also contribute positively to your physical well-being!

Whether you manage to incorporate all five of these tips into your routine, or simply master one or two, we hope that these will add a much needed dose of joy into your month!