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The Caleño Netflix Bible

How often do you sit down with your dinner, open up Netflix, only to sit scrolling and scrolling, unable to find something you want to watch? Oh, and before you know it, you’ve already finished your dinner and it’s back to work. Better luck next time. 

If this is you, think of this as your Bible. Your Holy Netflix Bible. Our team loves a good Netflix series. It’s been a welcome distraction during Covid-19. At first, we felt that we needed to always be doing ‘something’, every minute of the day. But we soon realised it’s actually quite nice becoming gripped by a series and escaping to another world (just for a little bit). 

So, next time you’re treating yourself to a TV dinner or even just enjoying some quiet time, grab your Holy Netflix Bible (maybe a Caleño cocktail too), and for once you won’t spend the first 30 minutes searching for something to watch.

Our team has put together their favourite Netflix series. From binge worthy to feel-good, documentaries, cooking programmes and more – thank us later. 

Ellie – Founder

Been putting off Line of Duty? Ellie would highly recommend you start watching it ASAP. For an easy, feel-good series, Emily in Paris is your girl – we can’t promise you won’t binge-watch this in a few days.

1. Line of Duty 
2. The Last Kingdom
3. Emily in Paris

Amber – Social Media and Content Manager 

Amber was right on board with lockdown’s best binge-worthy series. If you haven’t watched them yet, now’s your chance. 

1. Bridgerton
2. The Queen’s Gambit
3. The Crown

Emily in Paris Netflix
The Queen's Gambit Netflix

Juliet – Marketing Director

From crime and dramas to easy watching cooking programmes. Which one is your go-to?

1. Ozark
2. Chef’s Table
3. Fargo

Becki – Brand Partnerships Manager

Like a good comedy? Fan of The Office? This list is for you.

1. Brooklyn 99
2. Good Girls
3. Parks and Recreation

Rich – Finance and Operations Director

A real mix here: French comedy, criminal mastermind, and American football. We’ll let you decide.

1. Call my Agent 
2. La Casa de Papel (also known as Money Heist)
3. Last Chance U

Robyn – Customer Support

Remember when New Girl graced our screens in 2011? There are now seven series. Finished them? The Umbrella Academy will have you hooked in seconds.

1. Schitts Creek
2. The Umbrella Academy
3. New Girl

Cast from New Girl
The Crown Netflix

Beth – Marketing Assistant

Need some cooking inspo? Salt Fat Acid Heat is a must watch. And if you’ve already been scrolling 10 minutes, just put on Suits – it never gets old.

1. Suits
2. Mad Men
3. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Christie – Operations Manager

Ever wondered what the world would look like as a frozen wasteland? Snowpiercer. 

1. Snowpiercer
2. You
3. The Crown

Ollie Palmer – Commercial Director

Ollie is a scroller. He’s a great decision maker when it comes to business but terrible when it comes to picking a series – he lets his girlfriend choose.

The best thing he’s watched the last 12 months: The Michael Jordan Documentary, The Last Dance.