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Summer is the time of year where you can relax, kick back, and really enjoy yourself. With endless bank holidays, festivals, and gatherings promised in the pipelines, a delicious cocktail is never called for at nearly every occasion. And while summer is a time for great fun and big tropical flavours that whisk you away to sunnier shores, it’s also the perfect season for rum-lovers to try something a little different. If you’re not drinking, or drinking a little less, for any reason this summer we don’t think you should have to miss out on the fun. Introducing Caleño Dark & Spicy non alcoholic rum alternative.

Is there a non alcoholic substitute for rum?

Gone are the days are opting for a boring soft drink instead of your favourite tropical flavours of rum when you’re not drinking. Caleño Dark & Spicy is a non alcoholic substitute for rum that’s inspired by the tropical flavours of our founder’s Colombian roots. So if you’re a true rum fanatic, this summer is going to be incredible!

What is Caleño Dark & Spicy non alcoholic rum?

Caleño Dark & Spicy is a non-alcoholic tropical spirits that promises the flavour, fun and versatility of a dark rum, but contains zero alcohol, zero sugar and low calories. Some might say the best of both worlds! Get ready for a hit of coconut, pineapple, kola nut and lime, perfectly blended to create a rum sensation without the booze.

The Best non alcoholic rum cocktails

Whether you prefer non-alcoholic rum or the real thing, summer is your time to truly explore all things rum – from classic caleño cocktails to new twists on old favourites. Our favourite is Dark & Spicy over ice, topped with Ginger ale and a big squeeze of fresh lime. Deliciosa!

Want to know how to make a classic non alcoholic rum and coke? Well, Caleño Dark & Spicy makes it really simple, but there’s still a few tricks that help it burst with tropical flavour. Pour 50ml Dark & Spicy over a tall ice-filled glass, and top up with 100ml of a premium cola (try pouring down a spiral bar spoon so you don’t lose the bubbles!). Garnish with a big slice of lime for a natural hit of citrus.

Super refreshing & versatile so matches with many different mixers. Dark & Spicy has that taste that makes you want to keep drinking & drinking! Waiting for the sunshine to reappear for cocktails with friends in the garden.

Amelia via Trustpilot

Where to buy non alcoholic rum?

You can pick up a bottle of Caleño Dark & Spicy in your local Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or M&S, as well as a variety of specialist stores. Or why not have it delivered straight to your door via Amazon, Ocado or Go Puff? If you’d like to try with 15% off, simply sign up to our newsletter and buy on our website HERE. En-JOY!

“Making cocktails is one of my favourite things to do when hosting friends at home, and soon realised dark rum was in most of my favourite recipes. Dark & Spicy is my go-to for a naughty mid week cocktail without the headache the next day…”

Hollie, Rum-lover and Caleño Brand Manager