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Non-alcoholic spirits to enjoy whilst pregnant

Not drinking this summer? No problema! Perhaps you’re expecting (congratulations!) or reducing your alcohol intake whilst you are breastfeeding? Well, here at Caleño we believe everyone should be able to enjoy an unforgettable summer of fun and flavour without compromising on what they can choose to drink. Say goodbye to sugary soft drinks and boring pints of water whilst you celebrate, and say hola to the world of non-alcoholic cocktails for when you’re pregnant or a new mamma.

Enjoying Caleño Light & Zesty non alcoholic gin when pregnant

Caleño Light & Zesty is a lively blend of natural tropical ingredients that is a delicious alternative to gin to enjoy this summer. It contains zero sugar, vegan-friendly and below 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), but packed with flavour! Pair with ice-cold tonic or juice for a low-calorie, fruity delight!

Trying Caleño Dark & Spicy non alcoholic rum when pregnant

Missing rum whilst off the booze? Say hola to Caleño Dark & Spicy. Distilled with natural, tropical ingredients such as coconut and pineapple, it promises fun-filled flavour without the baddies. Under 23 calories (per 50ml) and below 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), the possibilities are endless when recreating your favourite booze-less cocktails.

“Even though it is non alcoholic, it doesn’t taste like I am missing out. Would definitely recommend to others.”

Natalie via Trustpilot

Can you drink non alcoholic gin or rum when pregnant?

“You may be asking Is non alcoholic gin safe during pregnancy?” If you have consulted with your doctor and decided you would like to try some non-alcoholic spirits, be sure to enjoy in reasonable amounts! You are always welcome to get in touch with the Caleño team if you want to know more information about what’s in our tropical non-alcoholic spirits.*

“Based on the available evidence, drinking reasonable amounts of alcohol-free drinks under 0.5% is extremely unlikely to cause any harm to a baby”  

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Where to buy non alcoholic gin or rum?

You can pick up a bottle of Caleño Light & Zesty or Dark & Spicy in your local Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or M&S, as well as a variety of specialist stores. Or why not have it delivered straight to your door via Amazon, Ocado or Go Puff? If you’d like to try with 15% off, simply sign up to our newsletter and buy on our website HERE. En-JOY!

*These statements have been evaluated by any medical professionals. If you have any questions about what you should and shouldn’t consumer whilst pregnant, please consult your doctor.

“If I had been able to drink Caleño whilst pregnant, I would’ve been able to enjoy and make delicious pretty cocktails when with the girls instead of AF beer which for me, wasn’t as fun!”

Emily, Sober JOY-maker