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Sober this Summer?

This summer, say no to sugary soft drinks and boring water if you are sober or cutting back on your alcohol consumption. Caleño is here with a fresh lineup of tropical AF cocktails for all your parties in the sun this season!

Best alcohol free drinks for non drinkers

No one should have to miss out on big flavour, grown up drinks or fun-and-fancy creations. At Caleño we believe the best alcohol free drinks for non drinkers are those that bring you joy, both in its taste and how you can celebrate with others with something a bit special. 

Caleño Light & Zesty or Dark & Spicy make delicious and simple non alcoholic cocktails – just pair with tonic or ginger ale and top with a funky pineapple garnish and you are ready for summer!

Can cocktails be non-alcoholic?

Absolutely! Caleño Light & Zesty is a refreshing AF alternative to gin which not only pairs with grown-up cocktail flavour profiles, such as tonic and citrus, but offers a fun tropical option for making a line-up of summer drinks. 

Dark rum is a typical go-to spirit for the most famous tropical cocktails – Caleño Dark & Spicy is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative, bringing flavours of pineapple, coconut and lime to any mixer it’s shake up with.

“So glad for a non alcohol gin, as I don’t drink alcohol. Lovely drink to mix with some juice, truly enjoyed it.”

Meli via Trustpilot

How to make alcohol free cocktails

Just because you’re not drinking, doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun of cocktail. If you don’t have much experience shaking up cocktails, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our top tips for making the perfect summer non alcoholic cocktails are using plenty of ice in the glass or shaker, fresh and good quality ingredients, and not forgetting to finish them with a tropical garnish for some added fun!

Alcohol free cocktails near me

Be sure to make this summer unforgettable by planning to visit some of our favourite bars and restaurants making Caleño alcohol free cocktails near you this summer. Head to our stockists page and search your postcode to start planning your AF cocktail hour!

Where to buy non alcoholic gin or rum?

You can pick up a bottle of Caleño Light & Zesty or Dark & Spicy in your local Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or M&S, as well as a variety of specialist stores. Or why not have it delivered straight to your door via Amazon, Ocado or Go Puff? If you’d like to try with 15% off, simply sign up to our newsletter and buy on our website HERE. En-JOY!

As someone whose been sober for 2 years, Caleño has gifted me the joy & excitement of being able to still enJOY delicious cocktails whilst making memories without the blurred visions or hangover!!

Emily, Sober JOY-maker