Our serves

Menta Rica


50ml Dark & Spicy

22.5ml Lime Juice

15ml Vanilla Syrup

10 to 12 Mint Leaves

Top with Soda


Pour 50ml of Dark & Spicy over crushed ice.
Add the fresh lime juice, vanilla syrup and mint leaves.

Top with soda and stir.

Medellín Mule


50ml Dark & Spicy

20ml Lime Juice

15ml Ginger Cordial

15ml Agave Syrup

25ml Aquafaba/Chickpea water or 5/6 drops of Ms. Better’s Bitters


Pour 50ml of Dark & Spicy into a cocktail shaker, add the other ingredients and give it a good shake without ice.

Then, add ice to cool the mix and shake it like a polaroid picture.


Strain, serve and enjoy.

Spiritz of la Fiesta


50ml Dark & Spicy

15ml Lime Juice

25ml Orange Juice

25ml Cranberry Juice

Top with lemonade


Pour 50ml of Dark & Spicy over ice. Add the trio of juices and top with lemonade.


You’re the life and soul of the fiesta.



50ml Light & Zesty
20ml Pineapple Juice
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml 2:1 Sugar Syrup or Gomme
6-8 Mint Leaves


Shake it, strain it and garnish with a sprig of mint.